Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's been a While

The moments that had happened;
will never vanish.
The memories that have occured;
can never be destroyed.
I pause briefly, and remember it all...
I pause all the time, and pray it would go away.
It would make it easier to smile.
It would make it easier to trust.
It would make it easier to love.

It's been a while;
I hadn't been able to breath without
I hadn't been able to listen to music
without images and memories
racing through my head and
being sorted out.

Its been a while,
the moments that had happened
will never vanish.
the memories that have occured
can never be destroyed.
The person who has them;
has grown stronger.
The moments and memories
have been converted to bravery...

I can now look you in they eyes;
Yes. I know. Its been a while.

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